Stratis A3Wasteland (GoT/JoSchaap)

This where it all went wrong! (or right. depending how you look at it)
At the release of ArmA 3’s alpha, Stratis was the only available island. The GoT/JoSchaap port of the 404Games ArmAWasteland mission was the first fully functional wasteland publicly available in ArmA 3, and within a week took over most of the multiplayer serverbrowser. My skills at SQF coding where verry little, but through trial and error (and alot of wierd situations, cheaters and lag) the base of this mission soon took off when more and more eager serveradmins/players took on modding their own versions of it.


A3Wasteland (once started as a simple sandbox mission) is now a fully persistent survival sandbox featuring tons of features such as building and vehicle loot-systems, a revive system, logistics, para dropping, and alot of interactive money, side, diving, capture and/or hunting missions that spawn randomly all over the map.

Werther you’d like to build bases, or just go out and hunt AI or other players. There’s something for everyone 🙂

Economy wise there is money to be made and spent in various shops or saved on your bank account using one of the many ATM systems placed all over the map.


Stratis is a nice small map, providing a unique environment for fast-paced combat

You can find the most up-to-date Stratis A3Wasteland (GoT/JoSchaap) edition here:

Github (source):

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