Wasteland on Utes is now UP!

Utes, you have been missed old friend!

So now, our old custom ArmA2:OA Utes Wasteland mission is back! This time utilizing the code-base from the A3Wasteland framework instead of the old 404games stuff, and with some new ‘addon’ content from the RHS/HLC mods 🙂

Some more information about the mission-details and server-configuration (and links to the mod-downloads) can be found :here:.


Req mods:
– Any recent (2015) version of the AllinArmA terrain packs currently available (SA/Lite/WSMaps)
– RHS: Escallation (or the @WSRHS package)
– HLC Weapon pack and ASDG Rails mod (or the @WSWeapons package)

Server info:
hotname + ip: utes.got2dayz.nl:2032

Be aware that only locked base-building parts save across restarts. Utes is too small to use persistent players/banks on! It’s all PVP oriented!

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