A3Wasteland v0.9c

The updated mission (A3Wasteland by Team-Wasteland) is still under major development, alot of the new stuff isnt in there yet (such as the new UI, simoultanous missions, etc) but the current state of our dev-branch (marked v0.9c) is a playable build.


I’ve updated the outdated GoT Stratis mission on the steam workshop to the a3wasteland v0.9c code

grab it from the steam workshop:
Be aware this is a customized mission with GoT config, which means you dont spawn with a backpack/headgear and need to find/purchase those ingame, also the missions run at high difficulty and the ammo caches no longer spawn (supplydrop crates still do)

Or build your own pbo if you dont enjoy the GoT config. The raw a3wasteland v0.9c code for stratis is available here:

For altis im waiting till we reach release (v1) because a.t.m. it’s just too boring, and too huge

Incase you still want to try it, you can build a pbo from this codebase:

Both versions require additional files in your servers gamedir incase you’re hosting it.

Grab the config folder (configurable mission settings) and battleye filters for your server here:

– the Battleye folder has the needed filter files for battleye
– the A3Wasteland_settings folder needs to be copied into your servers gamefolder as it is, open up the files inside the folder to specify your configuration settings for the mission

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