ArmA 3 Wasteland Altis

With the launch of altis, Our wasteland mission will no longer be branded as GoT Wasteland.

After long talks with other clans that took on re-development of 404 and GoT wasteland missions. we decided that the step to join forces was a no-brainer and would only result in better code, and more fun for the player.

So we’ve joined forces with KoS, TPG, a lone wolf and 404 to make one big proper wasteland version for altis! (which will later also be ported to stratis)

The new DEV-TEAM (aka Team Wasteland) will consist of:

– JoSchaap (GoT/Tweakers.Net)
– AgentREV (TPG/TeamPlayerGaming.Com)– HiS_Shadow (KoS/KillonSight)
– BeWilderbeest (KoS/KillOnSight)
– Costlyy (404/404games)
– MercyfulFate

We will be rebuilding the old mission into a fully functional opensource wasteland mission for Altis as soon as it becomes available, which will be fully configurable by serveradmins!
This means they no longer need to tear apart the mission in risk of breaking vital code to get it to suit their players needs. (If you enjoy doing so, it is still posible!)

Also we will be building it in a way, so that the creative ones can easily create and add their own main/side/pvp missions to run within the wasteland mission 🙂

We will be setting up a wiki and more on the  github repo as we make progress on the mission itself.

find the github page here:


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  1. Wavatar Zandpad zegt:

    I can only apllaud to such investments! Good luck guys and give us a nice mod to play!

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