GoT Wasteland v2.3 RELEASED!

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Changelog for v2.3

[Added] 3 general stores
[Added] working repairkits that can be dropped
[Added] working fuelcans that can be dropped
[Added] new interface for general stores
[Added] more variaty in base building parts
[Added] new handguns and surpressors
[Added] new SMG’s and optics/surpressors
[Added] Independent SDV
[Added] camo blackhawk
[Added] New APC’s (Wheeled and Tracked)
[Added] New outposts for the outpost mission
[Added] New antihack script by AWA, AgentREV and Tonic
[Added] Improv. roof to general stores
[Added] Name censor in group-menu for StreamFriendly
[Added] Name censor in group/side tags in StreamFriendly
[Added] Main mission: Coastal patrol
[Added] Katiba ammo to gunstore
[Added] Nicer action-icons from the KoS version
[Fixed] Name censor when in vehicle in StreamFriendly
[Fixed] Some missions did not announce themselves
[Fixed] AI not despawning on APC mission
[Fixed] balance between weapon/item spawns in buildings
[Fixed] added fuelcans and repairkits to cleanup
[Fixed] Height issue with scaffolding basepart
[Fixed] Undefined variable errors in the original code
[Fixed] Group invite not announcing to invited player
[Fixed] Server cleanup rewritten and working!
[Fixed] Various performance improvements in the scripts
[Fixed] Various issues with unlocked mission vehicles
[Fixed] Selling prices of rifles (no more 25 bucks)
[Fixed] Gunstore purchase exploit (spamming buy button)
[Fixed] No katiba ammo in gunstores
[Fixed] Some classes spawned with GPS/Radio>br/>
[Changed] Existing missions now contain random elements
[Changed] Gametype: changed to SANDBOX
[Changed] Survival system from decimals to percentages
[Changed] hunger/thirst death by HPdrain (not instant)
[Changed] Food/Water drainage and gain from items
[Changed] Stores can also be openned from actionmenu
[Changed] Loot in buildings spawned when player in town
[Changed] Loot in buildings now respawns after 60mins
[Changed] Loot in buildings 35% chance of fuel in fuelcan
[Changed] Fuel cans (full or empty) can be dropped
[Changed] Repairkits added to loot-table
[Changed] fuel cans empty and full added to loot-table
[Changed] players spawn without a fuelcan
[Changed] players spawn with a First-aid-kit
[Changed] Spawn weapon changed to ACP with 3 clips
[Changed] Hostile helicopter missions use random heli’s
[Changed] Helicopters flown by AI no longer can use flares
[Changed] amount of objects and vehicles reduced
[Changed] Locked baseparts will be saved on server restart
*- After restart the baseparts will be spawned UNLOCKED!
*- please bare with me if there are still issues

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