GoT Wasteland v2.3 Teaser

Just as a ‘sneak-preview’ here’s a preliminary changelog for GoT Wasteland V2.3
At this time were waiting for the new content from DEV branch to be added to the Stable branch 🙂

Preliminary changelog (might still change)

 * [Added] 3 general stores selling food, water, fuelcans, repairkits
 * [Added] working repairkits that can be dropped, purchased and found
 * [Added] working fuelcans that can be dropped, purchased and found
 * [Added] new interface for general stores
 * [Added] more variaty in base building parts and fixed the bugged ones
 * [Added] 45acp suppressor added to lootspawns, vehicles and stores
 * [Added] the new Independent SDV also spawns near coastal areas
 * [Added] the new camo blackhawk is added to some of the missions
 * [Added] New compositions to the outpost missions
 * [Added] New and/or different vehicles to existing missions
 * [Fixed] Gunstore exploit (spamming purchase button)
 * [Fixed] Announcements on outpost, abandonned truck and APC missions
 * [Fixed] Players can no longer get into the convoy mission-vehicles
 * [Fixed] Purchase issues with general stores
 * [Fixed] the balance between weapon/item spawns inside buildings
 * [Fixed] added fuelcans and repairkits to cleanup
 * [Fixed] Height issue with scaffolding basepart
 * [Fixed] broken server cleanup (now works again)
 * [Fixed] Server cleanup now also cleans AI bodies
 * [Changed] Loot in buildings is only spawned when a player enters town
 * [Changed] Loot in buildings respawns after 30mins if player is near
 * [Changed] Loot fuelcans have a 25% chance of having fuel inside
 * [Changed] players spawn without a fuelcan (can be found/purchased)
 * [Changed] Locked baseparts will be saved on server restart
 * -After restart the baseparts will be spawned UNLOCKED(avoids clutter)
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