GoT Wasteland V2 Update

It’s been quiet, but we havent been idle!
With the Arma3 Alpha racing towards beta state, we’ve had to put all hands on deck to keep up with all the changes.

Due to the massive changes we’ve made, asswell as an effort to get rid of the confusion with the original 404wasteland mission, we’re going to start off a new version on a new git branch called:

GoT Wasteland v2

Offcourse this new version comes with a lot of changes. find out everything on our updated page, or play the preview on our servers! For now it has not yet been released. this is due to the changing nature of the DEV branch asswell as some new features that still need stress-testing.
Our Arma3 Wasteland page has been updated with all the details on V2!

Click here to read more..

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