ArmA3 – GoT Wasteland v1.08(d) out!

The v1.08(d) version been released on github!

**Complete-Edition (Fully Functional Wasteland Mission)**
Grab the source from:
Or the binary (.PBO) from:

**Stripped-Edition (Stripped-to-the-bone – no Survivalsytem, no base-building)**
Grab the source from:
Or the binary (.PBO) from:

[Added] Different reward crate contents for the convoys
[Added] New objects to the list of basebuilding parts
[Added] Sanjo’s mission select (prevents recurring missions)
[Added] Mission intel and author info to the splash screen
[Added] Gunstore radars are back!
[Added] New side mission Hostile Helicopter
[Added] New main mission Hostile Helicopter-Squad
[Changed] Weapon and item prizes in the gunstore
[Changed] death sequence when killed
[Changed] baseparts that kept falling over
[Changed] reduced the spawn of foodsacks/watercanisters (life sux)
[Changed] Logisitic checks on init (caused long waiting times/lag)
[Changed] Enabled groups in Blufor/Opfor
[Fixed] Flare rounds in gunstore not possible to buy
[Fixed] AI and Vehicles from convoy missions not despawning
[Fixed] Slow respawn dialog on first spawn
[Removed] Some more references where removed

We hope you will enjoy the changes 🙂

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