ArmA3 – GoT Wasteland v1.08(d) Changelog+Preview

Progress on the new revision of ArmA3 GoT-Wasteland is going well, here is the changelog so-far:

*Revision:d (c was skipped intentionally to keep the stripped and full versions on the same number)
[Added] Different reward crate contents for the convoys
[Added] New objects to the list of basebuilding parts
[Added] Sanjo’s mission selection system to prevent recurring missions (Thanks Sanjo!)
[Added] Mission information and author info to the splash screen
[Added] Gunstore radars on map are back!
[Added] New sidemission HostileHeli patrol
[Changed] Weapon and item prizes in the gunstore to be more realistic
[Changed] Some of the baseparts that kept falling over
[Changed] Logisitic checks on client and server init (caused long waiting times)
[Fixed] Flare rounds in gunstore not possible to buy
[Fixed] AI and Vehicles from convoy missions not despawning
[Fixed] Slow respawn dialog on first spawn
[Removed] Some more references where removed

Spoiler video:

A testbuild is running on our server (DEV-Branch) incase you want to try it for yourself.

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