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GoT Wasteland v2.1 out!

GoT Wasteland v2.1 has been released. the github source/binarys have been updated changelog: [Added] Time Accelerated x10 [Added] New gunstore dialog! [Fixed] Scalar value money bug (infinite money) [Fixed] Vehicles that kept respawning in limbo [Fixed] Boats that kept respawning

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GoT Wasteland v2.1 preview

One of the new features will be a rebuilt gunstore dialog. This to make it more userfriendly and give proper warnings where needed. a small video of it is found here: more will follow soon..

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DayZ mod v1.7.7 released

source: V1.7.7 has been released to steam, dayzcommander and playwithsix The full changelog, and more information about this update van be found here.

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DayZ Standalone footage(E3)

Matt Lightfoot has provided us with some nice standalone gameplay footage from the E3!

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Website downtime (DoS-attack)

Due to unfortunate events (read: botnet spamming our webserver) the website was brought down by our hoster to avoid further network strain. We are not provoking these attacks so we assume someone accidently hit the wrong site 🙂 Anyway, we’re

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GoT Wasteland V2 Update

It’s been quiet, but we havent been idle! With the Arma3 Alpha racing towards beta state, we’ve had to put all hands on deck to keep up with all the changes. Due to the massive changes we’ve made, asswell as

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ArmA3 – GoT Wasteland v1.08(F)

After some gamebreaking updates to the ArmA3 Alpha it was yet again time to create a new version of our mission file. the changes and a video about the current state of our mission can be found on this page:

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ArmA3 – GoT Wasteland v1.08(e) out!

The latest update to the ArmA 3 DEV branch deprecate some of the features we used to spawn and respawn vehicles. Also BIS Finally fixed the fnc_infotext feature so this is a minor update just to get it all working

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ArmA3 – GoT Wasteland v1.08(d) out!

The v1.08(d) version been released on github! **Complete-Edition (Fully Functional Wasteland Mission)** Grab the source from: Or the binary (.PBO) from: **Stripped-Edition (Stripped-to-the-bone – no Survivalsytem, no base-building)** Grab the source from: Or the binary (.PBO) from:

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ArmA3 – GoT Wasteland v1.08(d) Changelog+Preview

Progress on the new revision of ArmA3 GoT-Wasteland is going well, here is the changelog so-far: *Revision:d (c was skipped intentionally to keep the stripped and full versions on the same number) [Added] Different reward crate contents for the convoys

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