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Wasteland on Utes is now UP!

Utes, you have been missed old friend! So now, our old custom ArmA2:OA Utes Wasteland mission is back! This time utilizing the code-base from the A3Wasteland framework instead of the old 404games stuff, and with some new ‘addon’ content from

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TransIP, Thanks!

Up until this month TransIP provided us with a Windows bladeVPS SSD X8 and the domain-name at a discounted rate. Originally this site was funded as a dutch DayZ-mod (arma2) Private-server. Since we have moved on from DayZ-mod to ArmA

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A3Wasteland on M.a.n.W.

With A3Wasteland reaching v1.0b and being submitted into the MakeArmAnotWar competition (more information below), it’s time to start running a GoT server again! Try it out and let us know what you think of it! 🙂 If you enjoy the

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ArmA 3 Wasteland on Chernarus

We’ve setup a ArmA3 Wasteland Chernarus server. More info and mod-download can be found here: [:Click here:]

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DayZ Standalone Pre-Release Alpha!

It’s Happening!!!!! The DEVteam wasn’t kidding when they posted their ‘All-aboard the HYPETRAIN’ photo’s Yesterdayafternoon the Standalone Pre-Release alpha went live on both steam and the BiStudio store and is now being massively played! Get the game for just €

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A3Wasteland v0.9c

The updated mission (A3Wasteland by Team-Wasteland) is still under major development, alot of the new stuff isnt in there yet (such as the new UI, simoultanous missions, etc) but the current state of our dev-branch (marked v0.9c) is a playable

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ArmA 3 Wasteland Altis

With the launch of altis, Our wasteland mission will no longer be branded as GoT Wasteland. After long talks with other clans that took on re-development of 404 and GoT wasteland missions. we decided that the step to join forces

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GoT Wasteland v2.3 RELEASED!

get all the info from the GoT Wasteland Stratis section on our website (button above) Changelog for v2.3 [Added] 3 general stores [Added] working repairkits that can be dropped [Added] working fuelcans that can be dropped [Added] new interface for

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GoT Wasteland v2.3 Teaser

Just as a ‘sneak-preview’ here’s a preliminary changelog for GoT Wasteland V2.3 At this time were waiting for the new content from DEV branch to be added to the Stable branch 🙂 Preliminary changelog (might still change)  * [Added] 3

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GoT Wasteland v2.21 Released!

Another update for out ArmA3 Stratis wasteland mission has been released! The changes in short:  beta content, lagfixes, green army, new missions, and the mission is now stream friendly! For a full list of changes and download links go to

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