Wasteland on Utes is now UP!

Utes, you have been missed old friend!

So now, our old custom ArmA2:OA Utes Wasteland mission is back! This time utilizing the code-base from the A3Wasteland framework instead of the old 404games stuff, and with some new ‘addon’ content from the RHS/HLC mods 🙂

Some more information about the mission-details and server-configuration (and links to the mod-downloads) can be found :here:.


Req mods:
– Any recent (2015) version of the AllinArmA terrain packs currently available (SA/Lite/WSMaps)
– RHS: Escallation (or the @WSRHS package)
– HLC Weapon pack and ASDG Rails mod (or the @WSWeapons package)

Server info:
hotname + ip: utes.got2dayz.nl:2032

Be aware that only locked base-building parts save across restarts. Utes is too small to use persistent players/banks on! It’s all PVP oriented!

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TransIP, Thanks!

Up until this month TransIP provided us with a Windows bladeVPS SSD X8 and the domain-name at a discounted rate.
Originally this site was funded as a dutch DayZ-mod (arma2) Private-server.

Since we have moved on from DayZ-mod to ArmA 2 and 3 in General, and no longer host a DayZ mod server we feel we no longer comply to the original terms we got the sponsored on.

Because of this we’ve moved to our own environment at our own costs, and want to thank TransIP for the sponsoring during the past years.

As a token of appreciation we will keep the TransIP banner on our main website.

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A3Wasteland on M.a.n.W.

With A3Wasteland reaching v1.0b and being submitted into the MakeArmAnotWar competition (more information below), it’s time to start running a GoT server again!

Try it out and let us know what you think of it! 🙂

If you enjoy the mission support the A3Wasteland ALTIS entry in the Multiplayer catagory of the MakeArmAnotWar competition.

Click here for more information and our entry-page.

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ArmA 3 Wasteland on Chernarus


We’ve setup a ArmA3 Wasteland Chernarus server.
More info and mod-download can be found here: [:Click here:]

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DayZ Standalone Pre-Release Alpha!

It’s Happening!!!!!

DayZ Standalone RELEASE
The DEVteam wasn’t kidding when they posted their ‘All-aboard the HYPETRAIN’ photo’s
Yesterdayafternoon the Standalone Pre-Release alpha went live on both steam and the BiStudio store and is now being massively played!

Get the game for just € 23.99 at the Bistudio store or at the steam store!

There is no information about servers yet. As soon as serversoftware becomes available we will be looking into it!

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A3Wasteland v0.9c

The updated mission (A3Wasteland by Team-Wasteland) is still under major development, alot of the new stuff isnt in there yet (such as the new UI, simoultanous missions, etc) but the current state of our dev-branch (marked v0.9c) is a playable build.


I’ve updated the outdated GoT Stratis mission on the steam workshop to the a3wasteland v0.9c code

grab it from the steam workshop:
Be aware this is a customized mission with GoT config, which means you dont spawn with a backpack/headgear and need to find/purchase those ingame, also the missions run at high difficulty and the ammo caches no longer spawn (supplydrop crates still do)

Or build your own pbo if you dont enjoy the GoT config. The raw a3wasteland v0.9c code for stratis is available here:

For altis im waiting till we reach release (v1) because a.t.m. it’s just too boring, and too huge

Incase you still want to try it, you can build a pbo from this codebase:

Both versions require additional files in your servers gamedir incase you’re hosting it.

Grab the config folder (configurable mission settings) and battleye filters for your server here:

– the Battleye folder has the needed filter files for battleye
– the A3Wasteland_settings folder needs to be copied into your servers gamefolder as it is, open up the files inside the folder to specify your configuration settings for the mission

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ArmA 3 Wasteland Altis

With the launch of altis, Our wasteland mission will no longer be branded as GoT Wasteland.


After long talks with other clans that took on re-development of 404 and GoT wasteland missions. we decided that the step to join forces was a no-brainer and would only result in better code, and more fun for the player.

So we’ve joined forces with KoS, TPG, a lone wolf and 404 to make one big proper wasteland version for altis! (which will later also be ported to stratis)

The new DEV-TEAM (aka Team Wasteland) will consist of:

– JoSchaap (GoT/Tweakers.Net)
– AgentREV (TPG/TeamPlayerGaming.Com)– HiS_Shadow (KoS/KillonSight)
– BeWilderbeest (KoS/KillOnSight)
– Costlyy (404/404games)
– MercyfulFate

We will be rebuilding the old mission into a fully functional opensource wasteland mission for Altis as soon as it becomes available, which will be fully configurable by serveradmins!
This means they no longer need to tear apart the mission in risk of breaking vital code to get it to suit their players needs. (If you enjoy doing so, it is still posible!)

Also we will be building it in a way, so that the creative ones can easily create and add their own main/side/pvp missions to run within the wasteland mission 🙂

We will be setting up a wiki and more on the  github repo as we make progress on the mission itself.

find the github page here: https://github.com/JoSchaap/ArmA3_Wasteland.Altis


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GoT Wasteland v2.3 RELEASED!

get all the info from the GoT Wasteland Stratis section on our website (button above)

Changelog for v2.3

[Added] 3 general stores
[Added] working repairkits that can be dropped
[Added] working fuelcans that can be dropped
[Added] new interface for general stores
[Added] more variaty in base building parts
[Added] new handguns and surpressors
[Added] new SMG’s and optics/surpressors
[Added] Independent SDV
[Added] camo blackhawk
[Added] New APC’s (Wheeled and Tracked)
[Added] New outposts for the outpost mission
[Added] New antihack script by AWA, AgentREV and Tonic
[Added] Improv. roof to general stores
[Added] Name censor in group-menu for StreamFriendly
[Added] Name censor in group/side tags in StreamFriendly
[Added] Main mission: Coastal patrol
[Added] Katiba ammo to gunstore
[Added] Nicer action-icons from the KoS version
[Fixed] Name censor when in vehicle in StreamFriendly
[Fixed] Some missions did not announce themselves
[Fixed] AI not despawning on APC mission
[Fixed] balance between weapon/item spawns in buildings
[Fixed] added fuelcans and repairkits to cleanup
[Fixed] Height issue with scaffolding basepart
[Fixed] Undefined variable errors in the original code
[Fixed] Group invite not announcing to invited player
[Fixed] Server cleanup rewritten and working!
[Fixed] Various performance improvements in the scripts
[Fixed] Various issues with unlocked mission vehicles
[Fixed] Selling prices of rifles (no more 25 bucks)
[Fixed] Gunstore purchase exploit (spamming buy button)
[Fixed] No katiba ammo in gunstores
[Fixed] Some classes spawned with GPS/Radio>br/>
[Changed] Existing missions now contain random elements
[Changed] Gametype: changed to SANDBOX
[Changed] Survival system from decimals to percentages
[Changed] hunger/thirst death by HPdrain (not instant)
[Changed] Food/Water drainage and gain from items
[Changed] Stores can also be openned from actionmenu
[Changed] Loot in buildings spawned when player in town
[Changed] Loot in buildings now respawns after 60mins
[Changed] Loot in buildings 35% chance of fuel in fuelcan
[Changed] Fuel cans (full or empty) can be dropped
[Changed] Repairkits added to loot-table
[Changed] fuel cans empty and full added to loot-table
[Changed] players spawn without a fuelcan
[Changed] players spawn with a First-aid-kit
[Changed] Spawn weapon changed to ACP with 3 clips
[Changed] Hostile helicopter missions use random heli’s
[Changed] Helicopters flown by AI no longer can use flares
[Changed] amount of objects and vehicles reduced
[Changed] Locked baseparts will be saved on server restart
*- After restart the baseparts will be spawned UNLOCKED!
*- please bare with me if there are still issues

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GoT Wasteland v2.3 Teaser

Just as a ‘sneak-preview’ here’s a preliminary changelog for GoT Wasteland V2.3
At this time were waiting for the new content from DEV branch to be added to the Stable branch 🙂

Preliminary changelog (might still change)

 * [Added] 3 general stores selling food, water, fuelcans, repairkits
 * [Added] working repairkits that can be dropped, purchased and found
 * [Added] working fuelcans that can be dropped, purchased and found
 * [Added] new interface for general stores
 * [Added] more variaty in base building parts and fixed the bugged ones
 * [Added] 45acp suppressor added to lootspawns, vehicles and stores
 * [Added] the new Independent SDV also spawns near coastal areas
 * [Added] the new camo blackhawk is added to some of the missions
 * [Added] New compositions to the outpost missions
 * [Added] New and/or different vehicles to existing missions
 * [Fixed] Gunstore exploit (spamming purchase button)
 * [Fixed] Announcements on outpost, abandonned truck and APC missions
 * [Fixed] Players can no longer get into the convoy mission-vehicles
 * [Fixed] Purchase issues with general stores
 * [Fixed] the balance between weapon/item spawns inside buildings
 * [Fixed] added fuelcans and repairkits to cleanup
 * [Fixed] Height issue with scaffolding basepart
 * [Fixed] broken server cleanup (now works again)
 * [Fixed] Server cleanup now also cleans AI bodies
 * [Changed] Loot in buildings is only spawned when a player enters town
 * [Changed] Loot in buildings respawns after 30mins if player is near
 * [Changed] Loot fuelcans have a 25% chance of having fuel inside
 * [Changed] players spawn without a fuelcan (can be found/purchased)
 * [Changed] Locked baseparts will be saved on server restart
 * -After restart the baseparts will be spawned UNLOCKED(avoids clutter)
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GoT Wasteland v2.21 Released!

Another update for out ArmA3 Stratis wasteland mission has been released!
The changes in short:  beta content, lagfixes, green army, new missions, and the mission is now stream friendly!

For a full list of changes and download links go to our GoT Wasteland V2 page

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